what is our UPCYCLED collection?


Upcycled saris have an amazing history.  Each of our high quality Rasgulla saris are collected by bartering in Indian villages and are re-fashioned by Guru for you! 

Individual fashion designs are created for women like you, who respect unique style and the sustainability movement.  Because our saris have history, they may also have minor imperfections that are camouflaged in the beauty of our exquisite saris. These type of petite flaws you embrace, much like our own personal flaws.  Because nothing and no one is perfect.  


What is our eco couture collection?


Our Eco Couture collection is made of flawless fabrics that we procure from ‘ends of rolls’ straight from the manufacturer.  In this way, sparing the remaining materials from being sent to landfills.  This sustainable practice allows us to refresh our prints often and provide our fashion-conscious customers unique styles.


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