Gender-neutral fashion is on the rise for spring 2023.

Gender neutral fashion has been around for just a few short years, but in under a decade it is transforming the way we think about fashion norms. What was once a faux pas, is now being widely accepted with celebrities, individuals and world-class designers.     

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Will Smith's son, Jaden Smith started the trend by normalizing skirts on men and the world took notice in 2016.  Since then, society has developed more acceptance of sexual preference, and consumers have been discovering revelations about the fashion industry by watching documentaries like 'Angel's and Demons'.  A documentary that revealed how powerful men were responsible for dictating what women should wear under their clothes.   These revelations and overall acceptance have been contributing factors to seamlessly adopting a new mentality towards fashion. 

Here we are, easing into 2023 and the spring collections by some of the world's most notable designers are indicating that the world might be ready for more adventure within menswear fashion. The discussion started in 2016 with Jaden Smith as the centre of the controversy, and now, nearly 7 years later, NBA players like Jordan Clarkson and rappers like Kid Cudi are being spotted in skirts.  

Kid Cudi & Russell Westbrook Wore Skirts For New York ...
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Pop icon Harry Styles has truly embraced Gender-neutral fashion by wearing dresses, skirts and women's blouses.  
                           Fendi Menswear Spring 2023
It is not just men who are leaning into what would typically be women's wear.  Spring/summer 2023 runways shows also encouraged gender-neutral styles like wide loose cargos, and military inspired utilitarian looks reminiscent of early 2k fashion.  
Reese Cooper Spring 2023 collection. 
For years women have been using the term 'boyfriend jeans'.  Maybe in the coming years menswear designers will start adopting new names for their products, like 'girlfriend dress'.