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    brass ring no nickel or lead with floral shape and stone.
    RS111tr Daisy Toe Ring (adjustable)
    brass adjustable ring small with stone.
    RS109tr Star Toe Ring (adjustable)
    brass adjustable ring with turquoise stone.
    RS108tr Trillium Toe Ring (adjustable)
    RS284r-ss Triangle Over Knuckle Ring -Sterling Silver
    RS282r-ss Double Bead Ring -Sterling Silver
    oval shaped sterling silver ring
    RS283r-ss Oval Over Knuckle Ring -Sterling Silver
    RS279r-ss Wee Lotus Ring - Sterling Silver
    sterling silver starfish ring
    RS278r-ss Starfish Over Knuckle Ring
    lotus sterling silver ring
    RS267r-ss Graphic Lotus Ring -Sterling Silver
    RS265r-ss Decorative V Ring -Sterling Silver
    square shaped sterling silver ring small band.
    RS264r-ss Square Over Knuckle Ring -Sterling Silver
    RS261r-ss Spiral Ring - grooved w/ tear drop - semi precious stone - Sterling Silver
    RS259r Oval & Dot Ring w/ Semi Precious Stones - Brass
    RS237r Decorative V Ring- Brass
    large double stone brass ring adjustable
    RS242r Ornate Tribal Ring w/ 2 Semi Precious Stones - Brass
    brass moonstone band ring adjustable.
    RS232r Spiral Ring - grooved w/ tear drop - semi precious stone - Brass
    floral band ring brass
    RS105r Double Seed of Life Band (open)
    floral lotus shaped designed brass ring band
    RS101r Seed of Life Ring -Brass
    honeycomb band ring brass
    RS097r Honeycomb Cluster Ring -Brass
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