There Is No Planet B!

This summer feels like the sky is about to collapse from sheer exhaustion due to all the heat waves, floods and droughts it is throwing at our planet.  All the while billionaires are racing towards space leaving behind a trail of fumes and debris that the environment is expected to self clean like a high grade oven.  Hey folks, there is no planet B!  It's that simple.  Mother nature has not back up plan for irreparable damage caused by pollution and waste.  Leaving us facing a new reality that is unfathomable. 

Could the politicians who are reluctant to admit that our environment is going through much more than mild changes please stand up and read the writing on the proverbial wall!  We have a clearer picture of what kind of damage years of polluting our air is doing to our planet.  Well, it was clear until the smog overshadowed it (even environmentalists can joke sometimes).

Back to back droughts in Madagascar are leaving orphans and their care givers to forage for cactus's to get a very small daily dose of water.  British Columbia Canada broke records in July when temperatures were recorded over 46 degrees.  Wild fires across Canada and the United States are leaving smog clouds drifting up to 12 hours away from their origin point.   Germany saw record water levels after the biggest flood in their history left hundreds dead.  What's worse is that scientists are suggesting these events will not be few and far between. 

If you have been doubting that our consumption choices, damaging energy options, and industry manufacturing processing (including the fashion industry) could have any effect on the environment, can the summer of 2021 have you reconsider that?  

We can only take comfort in knowing that even the bigger fashion brands are trying to make change to stop the damage we are causing to our environment.  Fashion brands like ours will continue to use upcycled saris, that have already gone through the textile production process, to recreate new styles for the public.   By the way, we are in the early stages of research and development for a new capsule in our collection.  Stay tuned for more news on a sustainable collection of classic fashion pieces that can be composted.  

It's only July and the world is dealing with enough environmental disasters to last a year.  We can only hope the rest of the summer will fair better. 

Comment below on your thoughts on this summers deadly weather patterns.