What will happen to the new co-branded Dior collection with Travis Scott?

You may have heard about the very disturbing news of multiple deaths at the Astroworld festival.  Although the festival is still under investigation, Travis Scott (rapper and entrepreneur) has been essentially black listed from any collaborations with brands in the near future.   

Prior to the Astroworld event on November 5th, Scott committed his name and his brand, Cactus Jack label, to a collaboration with Dior.  The collaboration would include an entire spring/summer collection for Dior in association with Scott.  

Scott's now tarnished reputation is leaving Dior to consider their options on what to do with an entire collection (already in late production) of product that nobody will buy.  Dior's move to not diversify their endorsement deals will now rain down hard on the environment as some industry professionals are suggesting to Rolling Stones Magazine  that Dior should  "take the hit and pull the entire season of product." 

Naturally, they need to do the right thing and not release the line, therefore,  respecting the families who have lost loved ones tragically.  

With that in mind, what will happen to the collection from here?  In a few sentences released by media, the fashion collection may just disappear.  Out of site, out of mind.  Only, where will it go, and what will happen to all that product that was created?  Will all those pants, tops, tees, jackets and more be sent to landfills? Burned maybe?  

Is there a better solution than potentially destroying all that relevant, current fashion?  It's a dirty little secret in the fashion industry that product that doesn't perform well or is damaged in production may be directed to landfills.  

What do you think should be done with the garments?