Travel friendly fashion. Pack it like a champ.

It's been a while since you got on a plane. Destination, somewhere hot.  Now you're seriously considering your options for winter getaways and have your sites set on vacation clothes that travel well.  

As a cruise wear brand from Canada, it is easy for us to dream of kaftans, dresses, jumpsuits, and cover ups all year round.  We are extra motivated in the -20 degrees Celsius conditions that drive us to book a vacation in the first place.  Our motivation brings us to packing suggestions for your next trip.   

When packing for your getaway and selecting new resort wear, keep in mind that cruise wear for women is more than just style.  It needs to pack easily. 

A cute little linen dress can definitely keep you cool, but it will wrinkle way more than a synthetic.  We suggest you lay tissue paper, then lay the linen item over it and roll so it packs wrinkle free.  If it's too big to roll, then lay another piece, or two, of tissue paper over the garment and fold from there.  Keep the creasing to a minimum.  

Airlines are trying to recover post covid, so they will hit you with weight charges.  So pack light.  Purchase those flowing dresses that pack up to your fist size and buy them in abundance so you have plenty of choices to choose from on your holiday.  

What about shoes and sandals?  Keep it to a minimum. They take up the most space and hold the most weight.  Purchase easy slides that can go with just about any evening outfit and your daily beach look.  Of course you can still ad a pair of heels to the mix and maybe a cute pair of sneakers that work with your looks but handle well on off resort excursions.   

Another key to effortless resort wear looks is simple accessories that can make your outfits pop.  They weigh next to nothing and transform for any occasion.  

You've waited a long time for this, so pack well and have fun!