The top colour for spring summer 2022.

Here's how the fashion industry works.  It is a well oiled machine that churns out new hot colours, prints and trends every season.   A formula that has proven to work year over year for the fashion industry.  

This Spring/Summer 2022 will be no exception.  With a color like 'Very Peri' how can't it work.  This cute, catchy name makes us all curious.  What's Peri?  From the looks of it, Peri (Pantone shade 17-3938) is a version of Periwinkle with a twist of Lilac.  It is almost pastel, but not quite.   

Reasons why we love this pastel tone for spring summer 2022 fashion include it's timelessness.  It is a colour that really doesn't lose its' luster over time.  Another reason is because it works on many different complexions.  Lastly, we appreciate this colour because it transitions beautifully between seasons like winter into spring.  

Will we be seeing Very Peri around for 2023?  Yes, absolutely!  A hot colour shines brightest when it is super popular, but it still has staying power long after its' popularity fades away.  

Guru is a Canadian brand.  We sell unique prints that are made from upcycled textiles.  This doesn't mean we don't have some 'Very Peri' in some of the prints we carry.  You can always make a request in the ordering process.  

Looking forward to spring!!