The Impressively Flattering Bohemian Trend Making a Comeback

It's all too easy to get caught up in the biggest statement pieces of the season. 

While shopping for new summer apparel you can end up purchasing a daring dress or top that doesn't quite fit your style. Let us introduce you to one of the most flexible products on our buying list this season. If you've been looking for a simpler trend or just need additional summer style inspiration: smocked dresses!  We add an exclamation mark because it is exciting to us.

Smocking is a wonderful gathered design feature that draws in to highlight areas like your waist, arms, or shoulders while keeping a stylish aesthetic that's excellent for summer, thanks to its elasticity.

Despite the fact that smocking often has a complex pattern or design, the styles continued popularity means that you can find a dress in almost any colour, material, or shape. This makes them appropriate for practically any occasion from drinks, to dinner dates, and even business functions or weddings. The debatably vintage look stimulates memories of the freest days of the 1960s and 1970s.

Don't panic if you're not a flower kid in the making. There are a variety of styles to pick from, including several minimalist variations, so you're sure to find one that meets your taste and preferences. Naturally, you have the choice of accessorizing: heels, sports sandals, sneakers, or lug soles are all great compliments to your smocked dress.  Handbags and jewelry may dress it up or down depending on the occasion.

It’s definitely one of the statement items you need to have for 2022. Smocked fashion is back baby, and it’s looking better than ever. Here are six 2022-approved ways to embrace the recycled trend:


Body-con dresses are terrific for showing off your curves, but they also show off lumps, bumps, and panty lines. The smocked fabric has a similar body-hugging silhouette but is significantly more forgiving when it comes to creating a smooth, line.


The smocked effect gives designs and patterns a fascinating distortion, and it can even provide you enough support to go braless (if that's your thing)


Consider this the quickest and easiest method for getting a cinched waist garment that fits like a glove.  Plus, smocking appears to be far more luxurious than plain elastic.


Finally, we can lift our arms in an off-the-shoulder top without having to re-adjust the neckline! Smocking keeps everything in its place, allowing you to flaunt your shoulders all day long.


Think of this like maternity pants…but socially acceptable for the non-pregnant set. Plus, it’s comfy and perfect for the summer!


This can go two ways: Short or Long Sleeves.  Both are beautifully flattering!

So many great ways to style, but how do you take care of smocked garments? 

How to care for the smocked details?
It is to be acknowledged that smocked busts must be handled with care! The thread is wrapped around the elastic like a chain link. Pulling on the thread causes the entire row of elastic to unravel. Don't pluck a thread if you notice one coming out! Cut the thread so it doesn't entirely emerge and tie it in a knot, or take it to a seamstress to be fixed.  Always attempt to go up a size in smocked styles to avoid too much tension on the elastic.  

(Pro Tip: Before you buy anything with smocked accents, make sure to turn it inside out. It will most certainly break sooner if the ends and threads are coming undone or weak.)

Most fashion care labels recommend washing on the gentle cycle, although this may be hard if anything else in the wash pulls a thread. Our Guru recommendation is to wash it by hand and air dry it, or throw it in a wash bag to avoid friction.  We do highly recommend the hand washing process to extend the life of your luxurious smocked item. 

Now go forth in style and comfort.