The holidays are a a time to give back.

Being a Canadian fashion brand, we would prefer to not be known for saying words like 'sorry'.  We would rather be known for saying words like 'thankful' and 'grateful'.   We are unapologetic for wanting to give back and telling the stories of how we do it.  

A few months ago shortly after we learned about the rising cases of Covid in India we wanted to do something.  Our founder, Kathryn Boese, quickly created a matching program where people contributed by donating money that covered basic "menus" that were created by a local group in Pushkar India (Inn Seventh Heaven) that she was very familiar with.  This allowed us to verify the groups reputation and validity.   The donations came in for a couple of months.  By the time it was all said and done approximately $2500 was raised!  During the time the donations were coming in, Anoop from Inn Seventh Heaven, was ordering food and preparing menus for those most in need.  You stylish ladies are the best!

Since then Inn Seventh Heaven has expanded their volunteer work to create a new NGO called Sapna for all.  Here they train women who would otherwise be begging for change, to create up-cycled bags for resale.  An initiative that has been received all to well in Pushkar India.   We are delighted to announce that our matching contribution of $3200 will be used towards the development of this NGO as we believe strongly in what it can do for the women of India.   We are also excited to explore the opportunity to purchase these bags from this production facility as a new supplier for Guru.  

Thank you to all who sent a donation to help feed many affected by the last wave that hit India.  It was badly needed and appreciated.