The future of fashion.

Recycled, upcycled, sustainable, ethical.  All these words have one thing in common, they all represent what the fashion industry needs and is falling short on.

We’re nearing the end of the pandemic that shut down the world.  Out of this debilitating world event that traumatized industries including the fashion industry, something good must emerge.  We would love to see that something good be more steps to saving our environment. 

While people were pivoting all over the world, some small manufacturing organizations started accepting ‘small batch’ start up brands that used recycled textiles.  Other more established brands like Gogh Jewelry Designs added more jewelry items to their existing line of recycled metals. 

The adoption of compostable shipping bags used for shipping while shops were closed throughout the pandemic was a great start in showing how much the fashion industry has the power to change.  Small steps like targets for using recycled materials, or sustainable fibres are the future for the big organizations that create styles for the masses.  We hope to see more of this continued approach in the coming years as brands work to becoming more transparent.  We also hope to see these brands be held accountable for their production process and fair trade principles. 

In the mean time, Guru, has been using upcycled saris for years, and is now starting to even consider the option of a recycled capsule to continue capturing some market share from brands that do not do their part to prevent damage to the environment.   Maybe part of the solution for a better future is for consumers to demand accountability or break up with the big brands and move towards the  small sustainable clothing brands and jewelry brands like Guru and Gogh Jewelry Design who have pioneered the movement and will continue to build the awareness that eventually leads to the demand for other brands to do better by the environment.   

The future is all things ethical, sustainable, and overall eco.  The new generation has been exposed to this subject for so long that they will make the decisions that will drive the change.  Decisions like buying from sustainable fashion companies, buying upcycled fashion, and from eco friendly clothing brands and overall conscious clothing brands. 

There is so much work to be done in the world of fashion to prevent damaging the environment.  Use your voice and your wallet to encourage all fashion brands to do more.