Sustainable fashion trending up in popularity. Is greenwashing playing a part?

We all knew it was coming.  The trend towards the sustainable movement in fashion is exploding for this new decade.  As it rightfully should.  The people have spoken.  Young and old, people are starting to pay attention to buying habits and are voicing their opinion with their wallets.  

We suspect some of this popularity is the due to growing pressure on big business producers to create products with little harm to the environment.  While this boardroom pressure is vital to make change from above, it is also leading to more 'greenwashing' advertising.  If you are not familiar with this term, let me explain.  Some big brands want to flex their muscles and show how much good they are doing, so they phrase their product descriptions to appear like they are part of the solution and not the problem.  They may exaggerate their wording in the interest of popularity rather than doing good for the environment.  From my experience, if it is not over simplified for you, then they are probably 'greenwashing'.  

Passionate individuals are coming up with creative ways to promote sustainable clothing.  Like the popular Reformation.  Even locals like Josiah Crocker who created a Toronto based website featuring local eco friendly brands. Good on you Josiah. 

More and more ethical clothing brands are coming out of the woodwork and using different textiles, creating upcycled clothing and using recycled plastic bottles to create their fashions.  In fact, the access to more environmentally friendly textiles has been a big part towards new brands developing with active wear.  Affordability also plays a part in acquiring and purchasing textiles.  As technology gets better, there will be more availability of cost effective textiles.  Leaving producers less and less excuses for not producing environmentally friendly fashion. This may lead to more ethical clothing stores.

Leave us a comment on why you think the popularity of sustainable fashion is increasing.