Sustainable fashion brands need to unite.

One of the best things about working in a team is being able to work together to reach a goal.  Bouncing ideas off each other in work teams, or even plays in a sport setting.  Maybe it shouldn't be any different with friendly competition within industry.   

For instance in sustainable fashion, there aren't as many brands around that are putting their heart and soul into creating something that will have less impact on the environment.  In fact, in North America there may be less than 100 of them.  Versus the endless fashion brands that make little to no attempt to help our environment.  Which is why we believe sustainable and ethical fashion brands need to unite.  

Why?  First and foremost because supporting other sustainable and ethical clothing brands will help the environment immediately.  Second, because it is an opportunity for education.  Brands can learn from each other, and therefore teach their community of followers and customers about environmental impact within the fashion industry.   

Take for instance a brand like Foreverly Yours.  Her fashions are created with organic cotton and bamboo by owner and operator Erin Street.  Erin's Canadian 'made to order' concept keeps her only creating for the purpose of purchase.  Meaning she eliminates the need of sitting on stock that she may have to otherwise sell at a discount.  A wasteful cycle that plagues the fashion industry.  

In addition to that, making her fashions with quality fibres was also a goal for Erin.  A step that reassured her in knowing that her clothes would not fall apart after 2 seasons.   Therefore having a smaller carbon footprint. 

As a conscious clothing brand, we at Guru feel grateful to know Erin and applaud Foreverly Yours for taking steps to build a business that would make a difference. Visit them at to learn more.  

Sustainability partners need to unite to keep the movement strong!