Pinterest trends we should explore in 2022?

Let's dive right into the labyrinth of visual ideas that Pinterest offers us for inspiration.  A space we always use for inspiration.

Pinterest just released its' "Future trends for 2022" report.  A detailed glimpse into the hot emerging trends that are slowly swimming up to the mainstream.  

We're thinking on what we should explore as a brand.  Read on and let us know what you think by commenting.  

The first emerging trend is being adopted by Germans faster than any other nation.  Pinterest calls it Dopamine dressing.  Pinterest's top searches include 'Electric blue outfit' that increased by 140%.  'Gradient dress' increased in search quarries by 95%. Vibrant outfits also dominated by a 16x increase over last year.  When we think of bright, cheerful, pick me up colours post pandemic, we think of Guru.  Popping colours are part of our Ethos.  Embedded in the language of our textiles.  Hard yes for Dopamine dressing! We throw all our support to this trend.

Another trend for 2022 that is gaining traction is all things Goth.  It's been a while since matrix themed fashion has been truly on trend.  Well, here it comes! From Business casual to baby clothes, there is a demand according to Pinterest.  'Goth business casual' increased in searched terms by 90%.  'Goth Pajamas' increased by 185%.  Move over kittens and pups, the people have spoken and want their pj's covered in black.  Though our brand believes that black is safe and always wearable, we will proceed with caution on this upcoming trend. 

Checkerboard patterns entered the ring for trending prints with a search increase of 160%.  We all loved the Queen's Gambit, but outside of upcycled quilts, we will not likely be pursuing this trend for 2022.  

Last, but not least... Tea for 2, or 3 or an entire party.  'Vintage tea party' rose in search results on Pinterest by 70% this year.  Everything from pretty little plates, as home decor, or dainty, decorative tea pots for tea parties will become an even stronger trend for 2022 according to Pinterest.  'Tea Party Aesthetic' doubled in search quarries and it will be no surprise if that figure trends up. 

Will we adopt this trend in our future collections? We can't quite incorporate it outside of decor and presentation, but we do love it.

We'd love to hear from you.  Which trend do you favour?