Any sustainability initiative is better than nothing at all.

Before I begin this blog post, it would be fair to mention that we at Guru clothing believe both recycled and upcycled are great options for contributing to a better environment.  One option is not necessarily better than the other, but both offer their unique attribute to saving our environment. 

In the fight to end climate change what often surfaces are troubling disputes about issues that result from a eco conscious initiative.  For example; recycled cotton uses water, recycled polyester releases microplastics.  

What we are not doing enough of as a human race is supporting everyone's efforts towards a sustainable planet.  The truth is we do not have the luxury of criticizing any business that is creating change. 

We are at a cross roads as a civilization.  We can either embrace every bit of change that is attempted by bright entrepreneurs, small business, and big business or we can fall behind and create no change at all.  Wouldn't you rather choose a 100% recycled cotton sweater over a 100% cotton sweater that went through the same process of production but will inevitably be migrated to landfills?   The recycled garment avoided the landfill.  Shouldn't the organization behind that be applauded rather than criticized?

The passion of the sustainable project in the world of fashion, can't be sacrificed because the bi-product of the initiative may be slightly harmful.  The greater picture is far more important and so is the spirit of the creator.  If we crush their spirit they will never want to continue to next level activism.  

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