Not a happy Earth day.

This earth day is not a happy one.  As much as we want to celebrate all the good that people are doing for our environment, we can't because we know that the people in Ukraine are paying the ultimate price for the world's democracy and the earth as a whole. 
The war in Ukraine will disrupt the food supply that so many people in Ukraine and parts of Africa depend on.  In a recent post Volodymyr Zelenskiy spoke to Greek politicians pleading for more weapons from the west so that the Ukrainian people can build their lives again and plant their crops.  A food source that the people of Ukraine rely on, and some parts of Africa. Yemen, an already war-torn country will be affected the most from the shortage of food coming in from Ukraine. 
It's sad that the war in Ukraine has forced policy makers to accelerate alternative energy growth.  It's sad that the war in Ukraine is the reason people are re-considering their fuel consumption and using less gas. If the world adopted more options outside of fossil fuel energy, maybe Ukraine wouldn't have to be in this situation.  
Asking for an oil embargo is a huge ask of this admirable political leader, but perhaps it has bigger benefits than just driving a message home to the Kremlin and crippling the Russian economy.  
The war will disrupt the food supply that so many people in Ukraine and parts of Africa depend on.  
We can only hope that manufacturers and law makers can use this unlawful invasion to speed up the process of alternative fuel options that are less damaging to our environment. 
This earth day we can all remember that much like an ecosystem, we need each other.  We all depend on each other.  It is not a happy earth day, but we hope it will be by next year.  ✌✌🌏 💙💛
If you'd like to make a donation to help, consider World Food Programme.  They were the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize winners and are the best option in preparing for a food crisis.