How do I wear these pants and what are they called?

Trending:  These pants you are referring to have been called anything from  Harem pants, MC Hammer pants, Drop Crouch pants,  to Parachute pants, Billowy Trouser pants, and slouch pants.  

Now that you know what to call them, let's talk about how to wear them.

We have been carrying these pants for several years and are now pros at how to style them.  

Let's start with the basics.  

1) Wear them with sandals.  The easiest most comfortable way to wear them is with sandals for every day looks.

Drop crouch harem pants, billowy trousers parachute pants with sandals

2) Wear them with heels.  You can hit the town with comfy pants like these.  Let your feet take the abuse while you drink and eat till your tummy pops.  

3) Wear them with boots. Nice and simple. Tuck them into high cowboy boots, or wear them with doc martins, or combat boots.  Throw on a big chunky sweater and your look is complete.

4) Pair them with sneakers and a cropped sweater.  You don't have to show the tummy. Layer with matching colours.  Throw on a blazer and tight top with your slouchy pants and white sneakers and meet up with a friend. 

5) Wear a pair of black leggings underneath them and pull the pants over them to show off the multiple layers.  A great way to wear them into winter. 

The footwear is the accessory that will change your look when paired with these pants.  You can't disregard the importance of jewelry, handbags, fanny packs and other accessories that also add value.  

Comment below on what you call your pants.