High Quality Fashion has its benefits.

As much as we would love for everyone to purchase sustainable fashion we also acknowledge that purchasing quality fashion isn't great for the environement, but it also isn't terrible for the environment 

A Stella McCartney dress with its high price tag and precision craftsmanship will likely never end up in a landfill even if it was a dated piece of fashion.  The original designer look that boasts a McCartney label can be resold for years, or even tucked away into a bin until the style re-emerges because it always does. 

It's been nearly 20 years since she put Juicy Couture on the map with their high end velour active wear, and she's doing it again.   With her new Netflix show, Paris Hilton is cooking with friends wearing original designer pieces and naturally Juicy Couture. It's like she went straight to the back of her closet, tapped the secret door and entered her own personal 2k time warp filled with perfect condition, velour track suits made by Juicy Couture. 

We don't all have the extra closet space, but if you held on to your better quality clothes, you may be tempted to do the same thing.   To be perfectly honest we believe she's now part owner of the brand and is on a mission to bring it back in style for personal gain.  She is the original influencer after all. 

paris hilton wearing juicy couture

You might be asking "what are the best clothing brands to consider?"  In answer to your question, when it comes to well made quality fashion look for premium labels that have great reviews on their sites and on google.  Ask around to find out what brands your friends wear that are long lasting an durable but still have cute clothes.  Or go into independent boutiques and ask them about brands they carry that they have been carrying for years.  Boutiques will not carry brands that are poorly made because they can not afford the hit from the returns.  

Does country of origin reflect on quality?  The answer is no.  Consider that some high end fashion brands are made in China under strict Quality Control supervision using high end textiles.  Those brands will have long lasting quality products despite being made in China.  Other smaller boutique brands that have less adverting/marketing costs and are made offshore may be priced 'middle of the road' because the low cost of labour makes up for the additional costs associated with higher quality textiles and quality control.  

Every brand has a formula that works for them.  The bigger the brand does not mean the better the quality.  Some bigger brands are spending so much on marketing and influencer testimonials that they need to extract from their production costs to flip the bill. Translating to quality decline.  

We recognize that not everyone can afford big ticket fashion like Juicy Couture or Stella McCartney.  Which is why there are other alternatives that are more affordable and allow you to support the environment, like Guru's up-cycled fashion or shopping second hand.  Both are also great, affordable options.  

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