Greatest gift of all. A scarf.

As Christmas approaches and you find yourself on the hunt for gifts for her or special occasion, then you might be finding yourself a bit overwhelmed.  

Last Christmas Canadians found themselves shopping online in record breaking numbers as stores were closed.  The US also saw a major increase in online sales as a result of Covid restrictions and fear.  

Christmas 2021 will be no different.   We won't be surprised to see an increase in gift giving as people will want to reignite the flame with family and friends they have largely missed communicating with.  

What better way to reconnect during the holidays by not showing up empty handed.  Perhaps even buying gifts for family and friends that you have never before purchased for.  The gift giving spirit will be alive and well this holiday season.  

Let us help you with a safe idea that is timeless and fulfilling for every woman.  A scarf.  It seems too easy.  Almost effortless.  Regardless, it makes for a perfect gift.  Scarves are easy to throw on, can be worn and shaped multiple ways, they are one size, and aside from colour selection they can absolutely be referred to by the receiver as "perfect".  Wouldn't you like to hear such kind words about your gift selecting skills?  

Reversible scarf made of upcycled saris and sustainable gift

Blanket scarves, infinity scarves, light weight scarves... all will be appreciated by any woman. 

 Silk infinity scarf upcycled sustainable

Infinity scarf above - made entirely of up-cycled saris.  Did you know our team in India barters with women in small villages and exchanges every day essentials for their previously loved saris?  What a great story to tell her when she opens her gift. 


When selecting the type of scarf just consider what you have seen her wear in the past.  Shop from you gut.  You know what she will like.  If you are unsure, play it same and go with a classic light weight scarf that has stood the test of time.  Like our Rectangular scarf.