Footwear will completely transform your look this season.

What should I wear... on my feet?  

The demise of skinny jeans has hit hard this fall. Suddenly people are confused about their footwear.  Not everyone has adapted to the wide leg high rise jean just yet.  These things take time, or maybe you are boycotting the look so that you can have the luxury of breathing and sitting without cutting off circulation to your brain. Whatever the case, footwear is the bigger challenge. 

cowboy boots with dress and jeans julia roberts how to wear them sustainable fashion

Looking back on previous decades footwear ranged from clunky boots to sleek fitted ones.  Converse were a hit with the juniors back in the day and still look great with the wider looser mom jean styles of the past couple of years.  

If you want to dress your jeans up for summer or into fall, the wide long length looks great with platforms or wedges.  A flat will also work, but note that there will be some dragging. For those of you who already did that trend, then you'll remember that washing your jeans often is a must!  

Maybe you're not as interested in the super wide look, but prefer the balanced appearance of a boot cut?  If so, than you will need the tight fitting bootie to fit under this style jean.  Alternatively you can roll up the jean high enough to pair it seamlessly with any short bootie.  You may also be able to tuck the slimmer fitting boot cut into a cowboy boot for a classic boho look.  

boot cut jeans how to wear them with boots

I have to also mention the option of a flat loafer.  An old school late 80's early 90's look that transitioned perfectly between seasons.  Best worn with a mom jean that slightly tapers through the bottom, or even boot cut jeans.   Don't forget to put a lucky penny in!

tyra banks loafers fresh prince of belair how to wear loafers upcycled sustainable

Anytime there is a drastic change in denim styles the shoe industry takes a while to catch up to the trends.  This time around it seems that the denim industry and shoe manufacturing industry have aligned and there is plenty of selection for possible footwear options for you to choose from.  Be sure to consider your lifestyle and remember that the trend has just begun, so invest in quality footwear so you can wear them for many years from now.  

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