Dopamine dressing is a trend we can get behind.

It sounds like a drug, but dopamine dressing is intended to be an exhilarating experience that is perfectly timed for an endemic.  

Like other trying times in history, fashion trends often sync up to peoples emotions.  Camouflage was huge in early 2k post 9/11, and slowly moved into bright tones as people's spirits were lifted with optimism as the decade rolled out. 

The pandemic is another perfect example of this.  Sure we saw the introduction of bright tie-dye colours in early 2020 before the pandemic had even begun, but the need for strong, rich, potent colours is in even more demand going into what is being dubbed as the final year of rolling lockdowns and shutdowns.  With an endemic in site, the brightest, dopest, colours will emerge.  Think bright purples, cobalt blue, 80's prints.

Vogue business insider

Dopamine dressing is being adopted by Germans faster than any other nation according to Pinterest metrics.  Pinterest's top searches include 'Electric blue outfit' that increased by 140% from last year.  'Gradient dress' increased in search quarries by 95%. Vibrant outfits also dominated by a 16x increase over last year. 

When we think of bright, cheerful, pick me up colours, we think of our own Canadian fashion brand, Guru.  Popping colours are part of our Ethos.  Embedded in the language of our textiles.  We throw all our support to this trend and absolutely intend to cover you in original dresses, jumpsuits, blouses, kimonos, and more, that you can feel nothing but good vibes in!

When ordering online, select 'brights' and tell us your favourite colours and we will do our best to find you the perfect print.  We will then text/email you three choices of prints and you can choose your original piece from there.  Think bright rich slow fashion kimonos that are unique and fun.   

We look forward to a bright and cheerful fashion year ahead.