Cargo pants. Right on trend!

We've all had fashion moments that were, in retrospect, major disasters. Fashion regrets are inevitable when experimenting with your style, whether you've caved to a short-lived trend or wore a risky piece that didn't quite pay off. That's fine: we're all human and make mistakes! I still cringe a bit when I recall how in middle school, I would mismatch my shoe laces and wear highly questionable colour combinations (yes, really).

Cargo pants were another favourite look of mine in the 2000s. I was certain I was punk at the time, and I would dress in extra-baggy Tripp cargo trousers with massive pockets. All in the hopes of following in the footsteps of Avril Lavigne. These were the good old simple days, but my pants were anything but. Navigating the 10,000 pockets and chains that decorated them required a degree.

Earlier this month, when searching through an old photo book at my parents' house, I was reminded of my cargo pant infatuation and that cargo pants are making a resurgence right now. We know cargo pants are polarizing, but when celebrities like Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski wear them, you might be persuaded.

The reappearance of cargos also on the runaway, especially in the Canadian fashion scene has drawn me back in, but this time I don't think it's a fleeting trend. The cargo pant has a traditional appeal to me, and when done up properly, I believe they’re a true fashion statement. These bottoms, which are inspired by the flourishing Y2K fashion style, are very trendy yet extremely comfortable, with spacious pockets as a key benefit. 

What makes this newer version of cargo pants different from the original styles is the higher rise that is also currently very en vogue.  Its adaptability is making this cherished early-2000's style so difficult to give up. For a night out, wear the pants with elegant heels, or keep it casual with sneakers. Wear it with flouncy blouses tucked in tight, or shorter tops that just graze the rise of the pant. Did I mention that this trend is gender neutral!

Here are some inspiring celebrity looks to consider emulating this spring.


      1. Camo Cargo Pants

        Camouflage pants are definitely on the wish list. Wear cargo pants with a bodysuit for an unexpected night-out look like Romee Strijd. 

      2. Cargo Trousers

        Who said cargo pants couldn't be stylish? If you want to oh-so-slightly engage in the Y2K trend, the high-waisted cargo trousers are ideal! Emily Ratajkowski has a natural ability to pull this off.

      3. Bone Utility Cargo Pants

        These pants offer a relaxed look featuring signature side pockets and an elastic waist. Camila Coelho certainly knows what’s up.

      4. Denim Skate Cargo Pants

        This style is (my personal favourite) super comfy and comes with a different vibe compared to other types of cargos out there. And who better to inspire you than Bella Hadid? 

      5. Classic Cargo pants made by Guru
        Cargo pants sustainable slow fashion made of upcycled saris with big pockets high rise
        We went ahead and created our own cargo pant.  Made entirely of upcycled saris.  A twist no one added in early Y2K because there was no slow fashion movement back then.  Each piece is unique and you can be involved in picking your own print.  We value this trend for style and comfort. 

 Whatever you prefer, don't be afraid to try this trend.  It can cross over into multiple age groups and offers you so much pocket space you won't need to add a handbag.