Can denim really be eco-friendly?

Word has gotten out.  Denim manufacturers are one of the biggest pollutants in the industry.  Naturally they don't want that reputation, so it is time for a correction in the world of denim production.  The good news is that the conversation has begun which means that the demand for sustainable denim will only grow more and more year over year.  

While many brands are moving towards sustainable options like tencel, others are trying an entirely different approach by using technological advancements to their benefits.  Investing in a cleaner method of production.  

Take Lola Jeans for example.  Their newest initiative is using liquid ozone in the production process  which degrades into oxygen when production is complete.  A process referred to as nebulization allows them to use little water that is later extracted and filtered for reuse.  Yes, we would say that is eco-friendly!   

Lola Jeans boasts that they make jeans that last, which is also a good sign because we want our denim to last for generations so it can be worn over and over and over again and not sent to a landfill to decompose at turtle speed.  

Other denim brands are driven towards change based off of need alone.  Citizens of Humanity manufactures their denim in a city that is often running the well dry. Los Angeles, California.  Their motivation is more than just sparing the environment. Their motivation is necessity.  

We hope the key is not to bring all corporations to the point where it is necessary to create with the environment in mind.  We truly hope that those sitting around a board room table are leaning towards environment 1st and profits 2nd.  None the less, we are certainly glad to know that denim brands are becoming highly aware that the pendulum is swinging in the direction of change.