Age appropriate fashion.

What should I wear?  What is age appropriate? 

Should a 50 plus year old woman wear a crop top and cut off shorts?  If she is feeling confident and absolutely loves the look, then the simple answer is yes. 

Gone are the days where people select the store they stay loyal to and shop there consistently.  While that does still happen, with the advancement of  social media and online shopping the fashion options are endless which means  fashionistas do not have to be committed to one collection from their favorite store.  Opening them up to an endless combination of looks.  

When we are introduced to new brands and new styles we might step out of our comfort zones more.  Outside of the comfort zone is where some might say the lines are blurred for age appropriate fashion.  It doesn't have to be this way if women can support each other by not judging.  

If you feel like you don't get the love and support from family and friends when it comes to your style, then consider modifying it.  For example, you love that top your favorite 20 something influencer is wearing but you don't want to wear it the way she does with her wide leg high rise jeans with distressed knee caps, so, you improvise your style and pair it with your classic trousers that you've had for years.  Change up the accessories and suddenly that top that is marketed to a younger demographic can appear age appropriate.  

Or maybe the opposite applies.  You are enjoying the reminiscent feeling those high rise wide legs jeans are giving you and that's all you want to wear all the time.  So you pair it with one of your sustainable oversized sweaters that you have been wearing for years, tuck it in, and voila!  You've transformed it to age appropriate fashion.  

Age appropriate fashion is whatever is comfortable for you, not for others.  If the look and feel of a sleek bodycon dress appeals to  you for one reason or another, then go for it!  Don't say no to any current look that you like.  Just modify it to suit your style and it will be age appropriate to others.  If you couldn't care less what others think, then wear it regardless any way you want.  Just make sure to wear it with confidence!  

If you take anything away from this blog post, we hope that it is that women need to support each other.  No matter what they wear.